Interpreting at Dell@Retail 2016, Austin, TX

certified English to Spanish

Since 2015, I have provided simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for the following events:​


Austin ISD:
   6 Workshops
   2 Budget presentations
 10 Presentations for parents
   2 Training sessions
   6 Award/Graduation ceremonies
   2 Coffee w/the Principal
  13 Campus/curriculum meetings
   5 Principal interview sessions (5-7 interviews per  session)
  10 Board of Trustees meetings with the community

Adelante! Austin 2015 (Regional bilingual educators conference)
Dell@Retail 2016 – Interview and chat with Dell, Microsoft, and Intel at event for retail clients.
NNAF – Digital Security Training
Insurance adjustor interviews with claimants
Town hall meeting with Onion Creek community (Flood Recovery)
Texas Army National Guard annual event planning meeting (2017 & 2018)

Texas Army National Guard exchange on resource conservation

Travis Co. Juvenile Probation Detention Center mediations

Classes for controlling diabetes (6 hrs.)

​CEMEX 8-hr. meeting

Griffith Foods de México – Presentation for VP

Interpretations of conferences, presentations, workshops, meetings, etc., are performed on site. (I am able to travel.)

Simultaneous interpretations are provided for presentations, conferences, training sessions, etc., in which the speaker does not pause for the interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation maintains the flow and saves time.

In consecutive interpretations, the speaker stops for the interpreter to step in and interpret. This type of interpretation is used in interviews, meetings, and other situations where only two or three people are involved. 

Being 100% bilingual and bicultural, and having worked over 30,000 hours on written translations have been instrumental to my proficiency.